Aquaman not just lives underwater, but can also breathe beneath the waves as well. From his home in an old fishing boat wreck, he rules over his vast underwater kingdom with his subjects ranging from the smallest of shrimp all the way to the blue whales, that is, the mightiest and largest creatures to have ever lived on planet earth. He can talk to them both verbally in their own languages and via mind telepathy. His weapon and symbol of the rule is the ‘Trident’ the three-pronged spear that was used as the symbol and scepter of power by Poseidon, the Greek God of the seas.

Whenever sailors are in trouble, Aquaman charges to the rescue, runs down evildoers and saves the helpless victims. However, he is also an important member of the Justice League and helps them deal with all manners of problems both under the water and on land, where his fighting abilities are second to none.

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