With his horn-rimmed glasses and the little scar on the side of his head, the small frail looking boy looked anything but a hero. However, looks can be deceiving, to say the least. “The Boy who lived” went on to defeat the greatest sorcerer the world had ever known - “He who must not be named” - Lord Voldemort himself.

Harry went through boarding school with the same fears and aspirations as any young lad his age.  His life includes living amongst his muggle (non- magical folks) family all the way to his many magical escapades in the wild forest and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft as well as exploits on the Quidditch field. The boy wizard Harry Potter and his friends have carved a name for themselves not just in the magical realm but in our mundane muggle world as well.

Now you too can feel the magic as well. Play the Harry Potter Nintendo game and become one with the little wonder or simply put on his clock and grab his wand and go trick or treating this Halloween. You can also slip on a Harry Potter backpack on your shoulders to become the envy of all of your friends in school. Our high-quality products are made with the very best materials to ensure that their magic lasts for a very long time indeed. We offer the best prices around and are absolutely sure that you will grow to love them and they will bring that much-needed hint of magic in your life. 

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